Publications of SA-GER Members

Publications of SA-GER CDR Members

Publications show up with the name of the SA-GER CDR staff member, even if these are joint publications. Co-authors show up at the end of each title.

Name Publication Year
Ile, I.U.Reforms without Expected results? Result based Monitoring and Evaluation in Nigeria’s Higher Education. In E. Shizha & N. Makuvaza (eds). Re-thinking postcolonial Education in Sub-Saharan Africa in the 21st century. Post millennium goals. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers. pp 221-240.2017
Ile, I.U.Rethinking participation in monitoring and evaluation. Beneficiaries’ perspectives from Local Enterprises and Skills Development Programme (LESDEP) (with S.E. Boadu). Loyola Journal of Social Sciences. Vol XXXI, No 2. July- Dec. 2017
Ile, I.U.Monitoring legislative oversight and accountability for sector based transformation in South Africa. A petroleum downstream perspective (with M. Makiva). African Journal of Public affairs. Vol 9, No 9. March 2017. pp12-24.2017
Kaltenborn, M.The Influence of Policy and Legal Frameworks on the Development of National Social Protection Systems (jointly with Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai, Keetie Roelen and Sarah Hague), IDS Working Paper 501, Institute of Development Studies (Sussex).
Kaltenborn, M.Implementing International Social Protection Initiatives in Africa – The Role of Global and Regional Soft Law, in: Recht in Afrika – Law in Africa – Droit en Afrique 20 (2017), 3-10. https://www.nomos-elibrary.de2017
Kaltenborn, M.Overcoming Extreme Poverty by Social Protection Floors – Approaches to Closing the Right to Social Security Gap, in: Law and Development Review (LDR) 2017, 237-273.2017
Kaltenborn, M.European Centre for Global Interdependence and Solidarity – North-South-Centre (NSC), in: Stefanie Schmahl/Marten Breuer (eds.), Council of Europe: Its Law and Policies, Oxford University Press, Oxford 2017, § 182017
Kaltenborn, M.Acceptance, not enforcement – The legal implications of the UN-2030-Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (jointly with Heike Kuhn), in: Development and Cooperation (D+C) April 2017.2017
Knoblich, R.Die globale Regulierung geistiger Eigentumsrechte. Interessen, Strategien und Einfluss Brasiliens, Indiens und Chinas. Wiesbaden: Springer VS.2017
May, J.Cost-Benefit Analysis for a Quinquennial Census: The 2016 Population Census of South Africa (with BD Spencer, S. Kenyon and Z. Seeskin), Journal of Official Statistics, 33(1): 249–274.2017
May, J.Food security and nutrition: Impure, complex and wicked? Centre of Excellence in Food Security, WP 02-17, University of the Western Cape.2017
Niklas, B.Impact of Annual Weather Fluctuations on Wine Production in Germany. Journal of Wine Economics, 12(4), 436-445.2017
Niklas, B.Fairtrade Wine Price Dispersion in the United Kingdom (with Karl Storchmann & Nick Vink). Journal of Wine Economics, Volume 12/2017, No. 4, pp. 446-4562017
Okbandrias, M.Geopolitical influence of the Gulf states in East Africa: the case of Djibouti and Eritrea. Journal of African Union Studies, 6(2-3), 117- 133.2017
Tapscott, C.“South Africa in the Twenty First Century – Governance Challenges in the Struggle for Social Equity and Economic Growth”. Chinese Political Science Review. Vol 2. No. 1. 69-84.2017
Tapscott, C.“Introduction: BRICS in Search of Governance Models” (with J. de Oliveira, Y. Jing, A. Barabashev, and N. Mathur), Chinese Political Science Review. Vol. 2 No.1. 1-6.2017
Tapscott, C.“An Exploration of the Concept of Community and its Impact on Participatory Governance Policy and Service Delivery in Poor Areas of Cape Town, South Africa" (with L. Thompson and P. Tsolekile). Politikon. Vol. 44. No. 2.2017
Busse, M.China's Impact on Africa – The Role of Trade, FDI and Aid, Kyklos, Vol. 69 (2016), No. 2, pp. 228–262 (with Ceren Erdogan and Henning Mühlen)2016
Dinbabo, M.F.Exploring youth migration and the food security nexus: Zimbabwean youths in Cape Town, South Africa (with S. & M. Sithole). African Human Mobility Review (AHMR). 2 (2): Pp: 512-537. 2016
Dinbabo, M.F.Evaluating Outcomes from Stakeholders’ Perception: Evidence from an Irrigation Project in Nigeria (with D. Adeniyi). Ghana Journal of Development Studies (GJDS), 13(2): Pp: 26-47. 2016

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