Course Structure

Course Structure


Masters students can do a full thesis, or a course-work Masters. The coursework Masters consist of four graduate modules and a mini-thesis, which report the results of original research.

The Masters degrees can only be completed on a full time basis. A full time Masters course-work degree could be completed in one year, but usually requires at least eighteen months.

The lectures offered by the Institute usually commence after 16h30. In the case of other departments, it may be that courses are not offered after hours.

The teaching methods are designed to be as interactive as possible, emphasizing small group work and using relevant and practical case studies. In addition to formal presentations by ISD staff and invited lecturers, students are presented with class exercises and required to do individual assignments. In most courses emphasis is placed on independent research.


As far as possible the course content will be adapted to the particular concerns of the participants. The ISD Programme in Development Studies intends to equip students with both a theoretical understanding, and with applied knowledge and skills. The individual student can through choosing the appropriate modules, opt for tailor made coursework to suit specific needs and interests. This Programme is of multi-disciplinary nature. Students are encouraged to choose electives from modules listed for other Programmes at the UWC, e.g. for MPA, or at the neighbouring universities or for the Bochum Programme on the UWC campus.



  • DVS 821: Theories of Social Transformation
  • DVS 822: Economics for Development Studies
  • POL 821 : Research Methodology


  • DVS 823: Urban & Regional Development
  • DVS 824: Development Management & Planning
  • DVS 825: Social-Economic Problems and Poliy
  • DVS 826: Community Development in Theory and Practice
  • DVS 827: Social Policy for Developing Countries
  • DVS 828: Poverty & Inequality


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