Publications of SA-GER Members

Publications of SA-GER CDR Members

Publications show up with the name of the SA-GER CDR staff member, even if these are joint publications. Co-authors show up at the end of each title.

Name Publication Year
Gerwel, H. Rationalisation in Higher Education: How Has This Process Impacted on Equity and Availability SANORD 2nd International Conference: Inclusion and Exclusion in Higher Education. 7-9 December 2009. Rhodes University, Grahamstown (forthcoming)2012
Hall, R.Communal Rangelands in Land and Agrarian Reform in South Africa (with B. Cousins), presentation at the Workshop on Aligning Policy with the Socio-Ecological Dynamics of Rangeland Commons, 18 July 2012, at the Grassland Society of Southern Africa 47th Annual Congress, 16-20 July 2012, Club Mykonos, Langebaan2012
Hall, R.El nuevo acaparamiento de tierras y las cambiantes dinamicas de la agricultura en el sur de Africa, in: Revista Española de Estudios Agrosociales y Pesqueros, 231: 175-2072012
Hall, R.Hierarchies, Violence, Gender: Narratives from Zimbabwean Migrants on South African Farms, in: Bill Derman and Randi Kaarhus (eds.): In the Shadow of a Conflict: Crisis in Zimbabwe and Its Effects in Mozambique, South Africa and Zambia. Harare: Weaver Press (accepted, forthcoming)2012
Hall, R.Land Reform and Agrarian Rransformation: Mapping Policy Trends, Strengths and Weaknesses in the Design and Delivery of Land Reform, presentation to Strategic Planning Workshop, Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Rural Development and Land Reform, Arabella Estate, Kleinmond, 10 August 20122012
Hall, R.Support for Smallholder Farmers in South Africa: Challenges of Scale and Strategy (with M. Aliber). In: Development Southern Africa, special issue: Sustainable Rural Development in South Africa: Rethinking Theory, Policy and Practice, 29 (4): 548-5622012
Hall, R.The Reinvention of Land Redistribution: Three Cycles of Policy 1994 - 2012, presentation to the Strategies to Overcome Poverty and Inequality: Towards Carnegie III Conference, University of Cape Town, 3-7 September 20122012
Hall, R.The New Enclosures: Critical Perspectives on Corporate Land Deals (editors? introduction to special issue, with B. White et al), in: Journal of Peasant Studies 39(3-4): 619-647.2012
Hall, R.The Next Great Trek? South African Commercial Farmers Move North, in: Journal of Peasant Studies, 39(3-4): 823-8432012
Hara, M.Celebrating Southern African Inland Smallscale Fisheries (with F. Njaya et al), International Institute for Fisheries Economics and Trade, Dar es Salaam, 17 to 20 July 20122012
Hara, M.Recommendations for Revisions to Inland Fishery Access Rights and Property Rights Regimes. Inland Fisheries Consultative Workshop, Pretoria, 7 March 2012.2012
Hara, M.Rights Based Management and Ecosystems Approach to Fisheries in South Africa: Congruent, Compatible or Contradictory?, in: African Journal for Marine Science (forthcoming).2012
Hara, M.Transformation of/in the South African Fishing Industry, in: African Journal for Marine Science (forthcoming)2012
Hara, M.Unlocking South Africa's Inland Fisheries Potential: Need for a Developmental Approach and Revision of Property and Access Rights (with B. Tapela et al), presented at the International Institute for Fisheries Economics and Trade, Dar es Salaam, 17 to 20 July 2012.2012
Ile, I.U.Monitoring and Evaluation of Policies, programmes and Projects (with Eresia-Eke C.E & Allen-Ile C.O.K. Van Schaik Publishers2012
Ile, I.U.Leadership imperatives for improving policy monitoring and evaluation in the South African Public service. African Journal of Public Affairs. Vol. 5, No 3, pp. 16-35. December 2012.2012
Ile, I.U.Advancing the role of Citizen Participation for good governance and sustainable livelihoods in selected African countries (with B. Mubangizi). Uganda Journal of Management & Public Policy Studies (November), Vol. 4, Number 1, pp. 18-35. 2012
Ile, I.U.Financing health care & Policy issues in developing countries. Decision making in Ghana’s health insurance policy process (with E. Garr). African Journal of Business Management, (Feb.) Vol. 6, No. 6, pp. 2375-2383.2012
Isaacs, M.Human Rights Based Approach to Fisheries Governance: The Case of Small-Scale Fisheries Policy in South Africa. Namibia National Olupale Leeshi Raising the Bar, Swakopmund, Namibia, 3-6 June 20122012
Isaacs, M.Informal Chains in the Snoek Fishery in the Western Cape. Taking Stock ? Big Food In Africa, Human Sciences Research Council Conference, Cape Town, 23-24 January 2012.2012

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