Publications of SA-GER Members

Publications of SA-GER CDR Members

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Name Publication Year
Löwenstein, W.A Note on Revenue Distribution Patterns and Rent Seeking Incentive, in: International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, Volume 8/2018, No. 2, pp. 196-204 (with Elkhan R. Sadik-Zada)2018
Ile, I.U.A process evaluation of the National Youth Development Agency Grant Programme with respect to the beneficiaries of the western Cape for the period 2013-2014 (with S. Mohy-Ud-Din). Published in the proceedings of the 3rd biennial conference of the University of Botswana, themed: transforming and growing economies through sustainable business innovation. July 2015. 2015
Ile, I.U.A public Administration approach to managing intergovernmental relations system in the governance of the state. A case review of Nigeria & South Africa. Germany: VDM Publishers.2009
Ile, I.U.Advancing the role of Citizen Participation for good governance and sustainable livelihoods in selected African countries (with B. Mubangizi). Uganda Journal of Management & Public Policy Studies (November), Vol. 4, Number 1, pp. 18-35. 2012
May, J.Age, employment and health in South Africa (with N. Hunter), in Maharaj, P., (ed.) Aging and Health in Africa, Springer, New York, 171-196.2013
Kleinbooi, K.Agricultural Labour: Regulating an Evolving Sector, policy considerations for parliamentary Oversight, Portfolio Committee on Labour Strategic Planning, Cape Manor Hotel, Seapoint, 24 February 20122012
Busse, M.Aid for Trade: Making Trade Effective for Development (with A. Agboghoroma et al), in: HWWI/PwC (eds.), HWWI and PwC, Hamburg2009
Ile, I.U.An exploratory study of public service compliance to the code of conduct & related issues on conflict of interest in South Africa. A leadership perspective (with F. Mohammed), Journal of Leadership & Management. Vol. 1, No 1. 2014
May, J.An in-depth study of the ICT ecosystem in a South African rural community: unveiling expenditure and communication Patterns (with C. Rey-Morenoa, R. Blignaut and WD. Tucker), Information Technology for Development, 22:sup1, 101-120, 2016
Löwenstein, W.Analyse privatwirtschaftlicher Förderung von Infrastrukturvorhaben in Entwicklungsländern. Gutachten für die Deutsche Entwicklungs- und Investitions-gesellschaft mbH (DEGInvest). 2008, 35 S. (zusammen mit Tobias Birkendorf und Sanjay Gorkhali).2008
Esau, M.V. Assessing the Impact of Social Capital and Trust on Participation in Bonteheuwel, Cape Town, in: Politikon, Vol.36, No.3. 2009
Busse, M.Assessing the Impact of Trade Liberalization: The Case of Jordan (with S. Gröning), in: Journal of Economic Integration, Vol. 27, No. 3, pp. 466-486.2012
Löwenstein, W.Auslandsverschuldung: Tragfähigkeit und Wachstum. WiSt VI/2015. S. 317-324. (with Dieter Bender).2015
Lombe, F.Bastardization of Customary Land Law as a Source of Land Conflicts in Malawi, Working Paper of the SAGCDRCJ (forthcoming)2012
Dinbabo, M.F.Beyond entrepreneurship education: business incubation and entrepreneurial capabilities (with K. Ikebuaku). Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies. 10(1): Pp 154-157.2018
Neves, D.Cash Transfers in South Africa: Conceptualising Their Effects. Presentation UWC Dept of Social Work, Cape Town, 17 April 20122012
Hara, M.Celebrating Southern African Inland Smallscale Fisheries (with F. Njaya et al), International Institute for Fisheries Economics and Trade, Dar es Salaam, 17 to 20 July 20122012
May, J.Changes in food security in South Africa since the end of Apartheid: Evidence using child malnourishment (with IM. Timaeus), in Fukada-Parr, S and Taylor, V, (eds) Food Security in South Africa: Human Rights and Entitlements Perspectives, UCT Press, Cape Town (83-96).2015
Williams, J.J.Changing Society by Changing the Thinking Culture about Hazards: a Review Essay on 'Safety-Culture and the Logic Hazard', in: Critical Arts, 22 (2), 235-241.2008
May, J.Chapter 6: Poverty traps and structural poverty in South Africa: reassessing the evidence from KwaZulu-Natal, 1993-2004 (with I. Woolard and B. Baulch), in Baulch, B., (ed) Poverty Dynamics and Persistence, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 187-218.2011

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