Publications of SA-GER Members

Publications of SA-GER CDR Members

Publications show up with the name of the SA-GER CDR staff member, even if these are joint publications. Co-authors show up at the end of each title.

Name Publication Year
May, J.The ICT/Poverty Nexus (with E. Adera), UN Chronicle, 58(2): 30-33, available at ictpovertynexus.2011
May, J.Telecentres and poor communities in South Africa: What have we learnt? (with H. Attwood and E. Braathen) Development Studies Working Paper No. 61, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 16p2011
May, J.Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers, Budgets and Human Rights, School of Development Studies Working Paper No. 58, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 19p.2011
Neves, D.Language, in: Swartz L, Duncan C and Duncan E (eds). Psychology (3rd ed) Oxford University Press: Cape Town.2011
Busse, M.FDI Promotion through Bilateral Investment Treaties: More than a BIT? (with J. Königer and P. Nunnenkamp), in: Review of World Economics (Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv), Vol. 146, No.1, pp. 147-1782010
Busse, M.The Impact of Double Taxation Treaties on Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from Large Dyadic Panel Data (with F. Barthel and E. Neumayer), in: Contemporary Economic Policy, Vol. 28, No.3, pp. 366-3772010
Busse, M.The Relationship between Double Taxation Treaties and Foreign Direct Investment (with F. Barthel, R. Krever and E. Neumayer), in: Michael Lang et al. (eds.), Tax Treaties: Building Bridges between Law and Economics, Amsterdam: IBFD, pp. 3-182010
Busse, M. On the Growth Performance of Sub-Saharan African Countries, in: Estey Centre Journal of International Law and Trade Policy, Vol. 11, No. 2, pp. 336-3482010
Busse, M. Revisiting the ACP-EU Economic Partnership Agreements: The Role of Complementary Trade and Investment Policies, in: Intereconomics, Vol. 45, No. 4, pp. 249-2542010
Conradie, I.From Poverty to Power? (with L. Thompson) Working paper published by ACCEDE, Cape Town, University of the Western Cape.2010
Ile, I.U.Citizen Participation and Democracy - Safeguarding Citizen Participation through Government of National Unity (GNU) or Democracy Violated? (with J. Mapuva), in: South African Journal of Public Administration. March 2010, Vol 45, No 1, p. 30-42.2010
Ile, I.U.Observing Citizen Participation Practices in Federal States: Contrasts in USA and Nigeria (with C. Sampson), in: Administratio Publica, Vol 18, No 2.2010
Ile, I.U. Strengthening Intergovernmental Relations for Improved Service Delivery in South Africa: Issues for Consideration, in: Journal of US-China Public Administration, Vol 7, No 1.2010
Kaltenborn, M.The Legal Significance of Global Development Partnerships: European Development Cooperation and its Contribution to the International Law of Development, in: Goettingen Journal of International Law (GoJIL), vol. 2 (2010), 843-870.2010
May, J.Poverty Profile of KwaZulu-Natal, in Nzimande (with C. Manyamba and N. Nzimande), N. (ed) The State of the Population in KwaZulu-Natal, The KwaZulu-Natal Research Forum, Durban, 103-123.2010
May, J.“Smoke and Mirrors” The science of poverty measurement and its application, School of Development Studies Working Paper No. 57, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 21p.2010
Tapscott, C. Citizenship and Social Movements: Perspectives from Global South (with L. Thompson). London: Zed Press.2010
Williams, J.J.Community Engagement: Roundtable Discussion (facilitated by the Community Law Centre, University of the Western Cape, compiled and edited by Lilian Chenwi).2010
Williams, J.J.Governance through Transformative Planning in Post-Apartheid South Africa, in: Participation and Governance, Vol 3, No 2, pp. 12-28.2010
Bardill, J.Governance for Sustainable Development: The Role of the South African Public Administration Leadership and Management Academy PALAMA and Higher Education Institutions in South Africa (with Enyat Hamza), in: Administratio Publica, Vol.17, No.32009

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