Publications of SA-GER Members

Publications of SA-GER CDR Members

Publications show up with the name of the SA-GER CDR staff member, even if these are joint publications. Co-authors show up at the end of each title.

Name Publication Year
Hall, R.Rights without Illusions: The Potential and Limits of Rights-Based Approaches to Securing Land Tenure in Rural South Africa (with B. Cousins), in: Malcolm Langford, Ben Cousins, Jackie Dugard and Tshepo Madlingozi (eds.): Symbols or Substance? The Role and Impact of Socio-Economic Rights Strategies in South Africa. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (forthcoming)2013
Ile, I.U.Evaluating social housing intervention strategies in a South African Municipality; with particular reference to the City of Cape Town (with M. Makiva). African journal of Public Affairs. Volume 6 Number 4. December 2013. 2013
Ile, I.U.Evaluating graduate employability in the city of Cape Town with specific reference to the Environmental Internship Programme (2005-2013) (with N.K. Bama). Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Journal, pp. 105-114. November 2013.2013
Kaltenborn, M.Social Protection in Developing Countries: Reforming Systems (eds.: Katja Bender, Markus Kaltenborn, Christian Pfleiderer), Routledge, Abingdon.2013
Kaltenborn, M.The Human Rights-Based Approach to Social Protection, in: Katja Bender / Markus Kaltenborn / Christian Pfleiderer (eds.), Social Protection in Developing Countries: Reforming Systems, Routledge, Abingdon, 2013, 53-62.2013
Kleinbooi, K.Everyday Realities of Land Reform in the Cape Provinces: Women's Land Rights in Namaqualand, in: P. Hebinck and B. Cousins (eds.): Emergent Properties of Contemporary Rural South Africa (forthcoming)2013
Löwenstein, W.Forstökonomie - Ansätze für eine vernünftige Umwelt- und Landnutzung (2., überarbeitete Auflage). Verlag Franz Vahlen. München, 2013, 477 S. (Zusammen mit V. Bergen und R. Olschewski).2013
May, J.Age, employment and health in South Africa (with N. Hunter), in Maharaj, P., (ed.) Aging and Health in Africa, Springer, New York, 171-196.2013
May, J.Telecentre functionality in South Africa: Re-enabling the community ICT access Environment (with H. Attwood, E. Braathen and K. Diga). Journal of Community Informatics, 9(4): 1-14.2013
May, J.Sustaining effective anti-poverty programmes beyond transformation: Challenges and way forward, in Sibanda, A., (ed.) The twin challenges of reducing poverty and creating employment, e-book published by the United Nations Division for Social Policy and Development, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, available at socdev/documents/employment/twinchallenges.pdf2013
Bender, D.Structural Change, Wage Formation and Economic Growth in Low-Income Countries. IEE Working Paper 1942012
Busse, M.Assessing the Impact of Trade Liberalization: The Case of Jordan (with S. Gröning), in: Journal of Economic Integration, Vol. 27, No. 3, pp. 466-486.2012
Busse, M.The Impact of Aid for Trade Facilitation on the Costs of Trading (with J. Königer and R. Hoekstra), in: Kyklos, Vol. 65, No. 2, pp. 143-163.2012
Cousins, B.Communal Rangelands in Land and Agrarian Reform in South Africa (with R. Hall), presentation at the Workshop on Aligning Policy with the Socio-Ecological Dynamics of Rangeland Commons, 18 July 2012, at the Grassland Society of Southern Africa 47th Annual Congress, 16-20 July 2012, Club Mykonos, Langebaan2012
Cousins, B.Home Land: The Ambiguities of Rural Life in Apartheid and Post-Apartheid South Africa, in: Heidi Grunebaum and Emile Maurice (eds), Uncontained: Opening the Community Arts Project archive. Cape Town: Centre for Humanities Research, University of the Western Cape: 176-1852012
Davis, N.Joint Ventures in Agriculture: Lessons from Land Reform Projects in South Africa (with E. Lahiff and T. Manenzhe). PLAAS, IIED, IFAD and FAO, London.2012
Du Toit, A.Making Sense of Evidence: The Discursive Politics of Research and Policymaking. The International Workshop, Poverty Reduction: Building the Agenda for Impact Assessment, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 4-6 June 20122012
Du Toit, A.Money and Sociality in South Africa's Informal Economy (with D. Neves), in: Africa, 82(01), pp.131-1492012
Du Toit, A.Why Support Small Farmers Anyway, and What Can We Achieve? Presentation for the Solidaridad Conference Making Markets Work for Smallholders, Pretoria, 29-30 May 20122012
Evans, L.Gender, Generation and the Experiences of Farm Dwellers Resettled in the Ciskei Bantustan, South Africa, c. 1960-1976, in: Journal of Agrarian Change (forthcoming; online version available)2012

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