Publications of SA-GER Members

Publications of SA-GER CDR Members

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Name Publication Year
May, J.Exploring Poverty Traps and Social Exclusion in South Africa using Qualitative and Quantitative Data (with M. Adato and MR. Carter), in Barrett, CB., Carter, MR and Little PD., (eds.) Understanding and reducing persistent poverty in Africa, Routledge, Oxford.2008
May, J.Towards low‐cost community networks in rural communities: The impact of context using the case study of Beitbridge, Zimbabwe (with LT Gwaka and W. Tucker). Electronic Journal of Infomation Systems in Developing Countries Countries. 2018;e12029. 2018
May, J.Keystones affecting Sub-Saharan Africa’s prospects for achieving food security through balanced diets, Food Research International, 104, February: 4-13. 2018
May, J.Cost-Benefit Analysis for a Quinquennial Census: The 2016 Population Census of South Africa (with BD Spencer, S. Kenyon and Z. Seeskin), Journal of Official Statistics, 33(1): 249–274.2017
May, J.Editorial: The ICT Ecosystem: The application, usefulness and future of an evolving Concept (with K. Diga), Information Technology for Development, Information Technology for Development, 22:sup1, 1-6, DOI: 10.1080/02681102.2016.1168218.2016
May, J.An in-depth study of the ICT ecosystem in a South African rural community: unveiling expenditure and communication Patterns (with C. Rey-Morenoa, R. Blignaut and WD. Tucker), Information Technology for Development, 22:sup1, 101-120, 2016
May, J.Inequities in under-five child nutritional status in South Africa: What progress has been made (with IM. Timaeus), Development Southern Africa, 31(6): 761-774.2014
May, J.Telecentre functionality in South Africa: Re-enabling the community ICT access Environment (with H. Attwood, E. Braathen and K. Diga). Journal of Community Informatics, 9(4): 1-14.2013
May, J.Digital and other poverties: Exploring the connection in four East African countries, Information Technologies and International Development 8(2): 33-50.2012
May, J.Poverty, Shocks and School Disruption Episodes among Adolescents in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (with N. Hunter), Development Southern Africa, 28(1): 1-17.2011
May, J.How Vitamin A, iodine and iron play a part in beating malnutrition, 23 August, 2016, The Conversation, available at
May, J.Why child malnutrition is still a problem in South Africa 22 years into democracy, 02 June, 2016, The Conversation, available at
May, J.Farm plan will lead to jobs bloodbath (with A. Du Toit and J. Kirsten), Cape Argus, Independent Online, 11 August, 2014, available at
May, J.Measuring poverty more complex than it looks, Cape Argus, Independent Online, 08 May, 2014, available at
May, J.Sustaining effective anti-poverty programmes beyond transformation: Challenges and way forward, in Sibanda, A., (ed.) The twin challenges of reducing poverty and creating employment, e-book published by the United Nations Division for Social Policy and Development, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, available at socdev/documents/employment/twinchallenges.pdf2013
May, J.The ICT/Poverty Nexus (with E. Adera), UN Chronicle, 58(2): 30-33, available at ictpovertynexus.2011
May, J.Poverty Profile of KwaZulu-Natal, in Nzimande (with C. Manyamba and N. Nzimande), N. (ed) The State of the Population in KwaZulu-Natal, The KwaZulu-Natal Research Forum, Durban, 103-123.2010
May, J.Conceptualising and measuring poverty in the SADC region, in Pressend, M. and Ruiters, M. (eds.) Dilemmas of Poverty and Development: A proposed policy framework for the South African Development Community, The Institute for Global Dialogue, Braamfontein, 27-47.2008
May, J.Food security and nutrition: Impure, complex and wicked? Centre of Excellence in Food Security, WP 02-17, University of the Western Cape.2017
May, J.Cost-Benefit Analysis for a Quinquennial Census: The 2016 Population Census of South Africa (with B. Spencer, S. Kenyon and Z. Seeskin), Institute for Policy Research Working Paper Series, WP-15-06, Northwestern University, Chicago.2015

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