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Bisrat Haile Gebrekidan, M.A.
Country of Origin: Ethiopia

Former MADM Student 2010

MADM Thesis: Assessing the Impact of Access to Small Scale Irrigation Infrastructure on Farm Household's Agricultural Productivity and Poverty. A Case Study from Gorogutu District in Eastern Ethiopia

Former MADS Student 2010

MADS Thesis: Access to irrigation technology and technical efficiency: a comparison of households with and without access to irrigation technology, in ‘Gorogutu district’, Eastern Ethiopia. (download as pdf) (2012)

Boniswa Gelese
Country of Origin: South Africa

Former MADS Student 2017

MADS Thesis: A conceptual clarification of the definition of resilience: An African perspective in Gugulethu Township, Cape Town. (2020)

Emanuel Marin Gerth, M.A.
Country of Origin: Germany

Former MADM Student 2010

MADM Thesis: Impacts of International Migration on Human Capital in Remote Rural Areas: A Case Study from Nepal

Heinrich Gerwel, M.A.
Country of Origin: South Africa

Former MADS Student 2008

MADS Thesis: The effects of labour policies in the Piedmont Region of Italy on equity in the labour market: reflections on women in Labour. (download as pdf) (2010)

Solveig Gleser, M.A.
Country of Origin: Germany

Former MADM Student 2012

MADM Thesis: The Impact of Micro-Irrigation Rechnology on Smallholders Income and Production: A Case Study from the Rural Western Hills of Nepal

Mahwish Gul
Country of Origin: Pakistan

Former MADM Student 2018

MADM Thesis: Menstrual Experiences of Adolescent Girls in Rural Pakistan

Faisal Haginour
Country of Origin: Somalia

Former MPA Student 2017

MPA Thesis: The Challenges of Tax Administration in Somaliland Ministry of Finance: A Critical Analysis of Institutional Perspective (download as pdf) (2019)

Kenechukwu Ikebuako
Country of Origin: Nigeria

Former MADS Student 2016

MADS Thesis: Expanding Entrepreneurial Capabilities Through Business Incubators: A Case Study Of The iDea Hub Nigeria. (download as pdf) (2017)

Coretta Maame Panyin Jonah
Country of Origin: Ghana

Former PhD Student DevSt 2011

PhD Thesis: Spatial dimensions of health inequities in a decentralised system: evidence from Ghana (download as pdf) (2015)

Kabaso Kabwe, M.A.
Country of Origin: Zambia

Former MPA Student 2011

MPA Thesis: Health Policy and Agenda Setting in Contemporary Zambia: the human resources for health strategic plan (2006-2010). (download as pdf) (2013)

82 Results - Page 3 of 9