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Martha Nababi
Country of Origin: Uganda

Former MADM Student 2018

MADM Thesis: The Development Aid Impact on Maternal Health in Uganda. A Case Study of the Uganda Health Systems Strengthening Project (UHSSP)

Carina Neset
Country of Origin: Germany

Former MADM Student 2016

MADM Thesis: Global Framework Agreements on the Ground: a case study on the implementation of the GFA signed by H&M, IndustriALL and IF Metall and its effects for trade unions and the establishment of industrial democracy in Cambodia

Austin Ngindi, M.A.
Country of Origin: Zimbabwe

Former MADM Student 2008

MADM Thesis: Microfinance and Productivity. Does Access to Microfinance Have an Impact on the Productivity Levels of SMEs: A Case of Small-Scale Metal Fabricators in Mucheke Light Industry, Masvingo City, Zimbabwe

Current Occupation: Programme Support Officer (Livelihoods & Social Protection) Oxfam Australia/Harare Office

Grace Nkomo
Country of Origin: South Africa

Former MADS Student 2012

MADS Thesis: The Effect of Gangsterism on the Health/Education Sector of the Western Cape: Cape Flats/Hospital as a Case Study (2013)

Patience Teiko Ogbordjor
Country of Origin: Ghana

Former MADM Student 2018

MADM Thesis: Exploring the livelihood outcomes of women in Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) in Ghana- A case of Wassa Amenfi East Municipality

Dorcas Okyere
Country of Origin: Ghana

Former MADS Student 2016

MADS Thesis: Economic and social survival strategies of migrants in Southern Africa: A case study of Ghanaian migrants in Johannesburg, South Africa (2018)

Sampson Osei
Country of Origin: Ghana

Former MADM Student

MADM Thesis: Assessing Climate Change Adaptation Mechanisms among Smallholder Farmers in the Central Region of Ghana

Former MADS Student 2014

Phoene Oware
Country of Origin: Kenya

Former MADS Student 2016

MADS Thesis: The role of informal social security arrangements in extending social protection coverage: A case of women self-help groups in Kabras location, Kakamega County (Kenya)

Namuli Proscovia
Country of Origin: Uganda

Former MADM Student 2014

MADM Thesis: Assessing the level of knowledge on Contraceptive methods and factors that determine the use of contraceptive methods among women of reproductive age (15-49years), a case study of urban Mukono district, Uganda

Mahamed Rage, M.A.
Country of Origin: Somalia

Former MADM Student 2010

MADM Thesis: The Integration of Refugees into the Local Communities of the Host Society: A Case Study of Somali Refugees Living in the City of Cape Town

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