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New scholarship holders started in January 2015 at the SA-GER CDR

6 new scholarship holders started to study in January 2015 at the South African-German Centre of Development Research (SA-GER CDR)
Out of 243 applicants for the Master and 112 applicants for the PhD Programs offered at the SA-GER CDR, 4 Master students and 2 PhD students were selected in 2014 to commence their studies in January 2015. Davison Muchadenyika, who already did his Master Degree with the Centre, is now studying the PhD in Public Policy, whereas Rejoice Mabhena is studying the PhD in Development Studies. For the MA in Development Studies Maphelo Batyi, Kenechukwu Ibebuako and Christopher Katete commenced their studies. Muriel Adarkwa started studying the MA in Public Administration.


Welcome at the Centre!

Coordination baton at the SA-GER CDR in new hands!

Ina Conradie, who has been working as the coordinator for the South African-German Centre for Development Research at UWC/Cape Town since the opening in 2008, is now leaving the Centre in order to focus on research as a post doc at UWC.


We wish to thank Ina Conradie very, VERY much for the great job she has been doing during these 7 years, for her great contribution as a team worker and her commitment. Nkomo

Ina, it was a pleasure to work with you! We wish you all the very best for your future career and are sure that you will stay in touch with the Centre!!!

She passed the coordination baton to Grace Nkomo, who has been studying the Honours and MA in Development Studies at ISD and was the director of an NGO, helping children to deal with and prevent HIV and Child abuse, before.

Book chapter published by DAAD PhD student Davison Muchadenyika

DAAD PhD student Davison Muchadenyika published one chapter on "Devolution and Constitution making in Zimbabwe" (Pages 104-134) in the book "Constitution-Building in Africa", published by the Community Law Centre at the University of the Western Cape.