Publications of SA-GER Members

Publications of SA-GER CDR Members

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Name Publication Year
Dinbabo, M.F.Evidence based policy-making: Chinese investment's impact on women in sub-Saharan Africa (with I. Ile). In: Diallo, L & Shizha, E. (Eds.). Africa in the Age of Globalization: Perceptions, Misperceptions and Realities. Canada. Ashgate Publication. Pp: 151-170. 2015
Dinbabo, M.F.Regulation of African traditional medicines and public participation: Empirical evidence from South Africa (with F. Vilakazi). Studies on Ethno Medicine. 9(1): 109-116. 2015
Dinbabo, M.F.Contractual relationships between indigenous CBOs and the community: empirical evidence from Ethiopia. Journal of Social Sciences. 38(3):231-240. 2014
Dinbabo, M.F.Evaluating the impact of selected Social Welfare Policies in South Africa (1994-2014): Challenges and Opportunities (with I. Ile). Loyola Journal of Social Sciences. XXIX (2): 136-157. 2014
Dinbabo, M.F.Social grant, livelihood empowerment and poverty reduction at the household level: empirical evidence from Ghana (with A. Callistus). Journal of Social Sciences. 39(3): 293-302.2014
Dinbabo, M.F.Child rights in sub-Saharan Africa: a call for a Rights-Based Global Research Agenda. Journal of Social Work. 48(1): 271 – 293.2013
Dinbabo, M.F.Role of Development Communication in Fostering Social Change: Evidence from Lesotho (with S. Carciotto). Journal of Communication. 4(2): 65-70. 2013
Du Toit, A.Making Sense of Evidence: The Discursive Politics of Research and Policymaking. The International Workshop, Poverty Reduction: Building the Agenda for Impact Assessment, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 4-6 June 20122012
Du Toit, A.Money and Sociality in South Africa's Informal Economy (with D. Neves), in: Africa, 82(01), pp.131-1492012
Du Toit, A.Why Support Small Farmers Anyway, and What Can We Achieve? Presentation for the Solidaridad Conference Making Markets Work for Smallholders, Pretoria, 29-30 May 20122012
Esau, M.V. Assessing the Impact of Social Capital and Trust on Participation in Bonteheuwel, Cape Town, in: Politikon, Vol.36, No.3. 2009
Esau, M.V. Contextualizing Social Capital, Citizen Participation and Poverty through an Examination of the Ward Committee System in Bonteheuwel, in: Journal of Developing Societies, 24, 3. Sage Publications:U.K.2008
Esau, M.V. Exploring the Practice of Legislative Oversight by the South African Parliament through an Examination of the Activities of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts, in: Africanus, 38,2.2008
Evans, L.Gender, Generation and the Experiences of Farm Dwellers Resettled in the Ciskei Bantustan, South Africa, c. 1960-1976, in: Journal of Agrarian Change (forthcoming; online version available)2012
Gerwel, H. Rationalisation in Higher Education: How Has This Process Impacted on Equity and Availability SANORD 2nd International Conference: Inclusion and Exclusion in Higher Education. 7-9 December 2009. Rhodes University, Grahamstown (forthcoming)2012
Gerwel, H. Women in Labour: Are 'Active' Labour Policies Giving Birth to Gender Equity within the Italian Welfare State Reform Framework?, in: Barbera, F & Osche, E. (eds.), A Game of Mirrors: Economic Development and Social Cohesion in Piedmont and South Africa. Frame-Lab. Torino, pp. 45-702009
Hall, R.Farm Workers and Farm Dwellers in Limpopo Province, South Africa (with P. Wisborg et al), in: Journal of Agrarian Change (accepted, forthcoming)2013
Hall, R.Governing Global Land Deals: The Role of the State in the Rush for Land (editors? introduction to special issue on Governing Global Land Deals, with W. Wolford et al), in: Development and Change (forthcoming)2013
Hall, R.Land (with B. White and S.M. Borras), in: Handbook of Development Thought. Ottawa: IDRC (forthcoming)2013
Hall, R.Land reform (with S.M. Borras and B. White), in: Companion to Development Studies, 3rd ed. (forthcoming)2013

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