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CDR's achievements after 10 years of operation

After 10 years of operation, CDR recently reported about achievements so far to DAAD. The following provides a summary of these achievements:

  • Scholarship applications received from all over Sub-Sahara Africa increased tenfold over CDR’s years of operation and reached nearly 900 for the 2018 intake
  • 78 Master scholarship holders from 14 countries have been accepted for studies in one of the CDR's Master programmes, 58 grantees completed their studies successfully so far, 16 grantees are still on their way to graduation, the completion ratio will reach 95% after the remaining candidates have completed their studies. Overall, 299 candidates graduated from CDR’s Master programmes. 16% of Master scholarship holders completed two degrees of CDR and 5% have been accepted for PhD studies afterwards. More than 30 Master theses have been published electronically via http://etd.uwc.ac.za/ (a detailed list of MA Theses topics is available here).
  • 25 PhD scholarship holders from 11 countries have been accepted for PhD studies at CDR, 16 of them completed their projects so far, 8 are still working towards their graduation. The completion ratio will reach 96% after the remaining candidates will have completed their projects.Overall, 35 PhD candidates graduated from the Centre’s PhD programmes. All PhD dissertations have been published at least electronically. A detailed list of PhD Theses topics and links to publishedd theses are available here.
  • Additional training offers such as seminars on report writing, scientific writing and presentation have been widely implemented. These training offers have been complemented by regular team building events. Since 2013 CDR in addition offers a career training event for scholarship holders once a year to support labour market integration. Short term support has been given to CDR Master Scholarship holders for study periods in Germany. About 10 CDR PhD scholarship holders had the opportunity to complete short-term stays at Ruhr University Bochum to take part in structured course work of the PhD IDS or other PhD related events like the PhD conference in International Development Studies.
  • Co-operation activities in research and higher education with additional partners in South Africa, in other Sub-Sahara African countries and in Europe have been established widely.
  • An Alumni network and Alumni activities have been established. In 2016, CDR took the lead in establishing joint Alumni activities of all African Excellence Centres and applied for DAAD funding of an Alumni conference on Tackling the root causes of displacement in Sub-Sahara Africa, which took place in November 2017 in South Africa. 40 Alumni (15 female, 25 male) representing 11 countries and 5 African Excellence Centres as well as staff members of CDR and partner centres took part. On the occasion of the Alumni conference a CDR Alumni took the initiative to establish an African Excellence Centre Alumni group. A working group of representatives of different African Excellence Centres has been established and has met at UWC in 2018 to register the Alumni association and further develop its concept. They will soon report on the latest developments.

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RUB Management visited SA-GER CDR

Accompanied by DAAD’s secretary general, Dr. Dorothea Rüland, RUB’s Rector, Prof. Dr. Axel Schölmerich and Chancellor, Dr. Christina Reinhardt, visited the DAAD funded South African-German Centre for Development Research (SA-GER CDR) as part of an information visit of management members of German universities.

At CDR they met our DAAD lecturer Ruth Knoblich, CDR steering committee member Prof. Julian May as well as further staff members and Alumni of the centre.

A new Call for scholarship applications for the intake 2021 will be published mid April!

The new Call for scholarship applications for the intake 2021 will be published mid April 2020. Applications will be only possible via an online applicatin form.

All applications via email or hardcopy are not eligible.

Before asking questions, please read the information on the website carefully! Most of the questions can be answered there already!

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